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Access Control Systems​

If you want to control who has access to your building or complex of buildings, there are several different ways to accomplish this.  With everything from mag-locks to door strikes we can accomplish whatever task you need. 

We have completely integrated systems that will allow you to use prox-pads and readers to grant users access to certain areas.  You can even set a schedule of times that their card or code will work in those areas.  These systems are super-efficient in giving you the ability to control who comes in and out of your facilities.

Our systems have the ability to be controlled via an app on your smart phone!  Now you can control multiple facilities and buildings from the ease of one app!

Don't need anything that elaborate?  We offer stand-alone systems that will do the job.  These systems can work on individual doors and have a keypad that you can program a code to give each person that you would like to give access.

Every access control system that we install will have to meet with local, state and federal fire codes.  But not to worry, we will walk your building over with you and let you know if you need to contact your local fire marshal.  

Call us for more details or to setup an appointment for a FREE evaluation.


With Kantech's Entrapass Go system you can now manage your facilities access control system from anywhere via PC or mobile app!  The best part is that there's no software to install, no server to maintain, and best of all, no backups necessary.  Our panels connect to remote servers in the cloud and all of the servers are maintained and backed up for you!  

So now you have the ability to lock and unlock your doors, set schedules, and manage personnel from where ever you happen to be at that moment.


This is an enterprise level access control system that has the capability of managing every facility you have from the same interface.  Just simply select the location that you want to manage from a drop down menu and edit everything you need to.

Want more information about this system, give us a call or click the "I Want That" button above and we'll be glad to give you a free quote.

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