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Burglar Alarms​

We use primarily Interlogix and Honeywell alarm panels.  This is because these are two of the world's largest and most reliable alarm panel manufacturers.  We want you to be assured that the alarm system that you've chosen has the capabilities and the reliability that you need.  We offer a multitude of contacts and sensors including: door and window contacts, motion detectors, glass break sensors, smoke and heat detectors, panic buttons, wireless key fobs, photoelectric beams and much, much more.

The best thing that you can add to your alarm system is a cellular communicator.  This unit will attach to your alarm panel and communicate to the monitoring station through the cell towers.  This is extremely effective and secure for the simple reason that there are no phone lines to cut.  Every land line phone system has a phone interface on the exterior of the house or building.  This provides easy access for a burglar to tamper with these lines prior to entering the home or building.  With a cellular backup unit, this will no longer be a problem.

Along with the cellular backup unit, you get so many more features including Total Connect which allows you to control your alarm system with your smart phone or computer.  This is exceptionally helpful if you are on vacation or not at home and need to reset your alarm, let someone in your house.  You no longer need to give your code out to anyone again.  Just simply disarm your system to allow them in and then rearm it once they leave. 

Another great feature is the ability to add Z-Wave devices to allow for some home automation.  See Home Automation for further information.

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