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Digital Video Recorder

This DVR is actually a proprietary DVR that we sell.  It is one of the best performing DVRs on the market.  The recording frame rate is a real time 30fps and it streams exceptionally well.  You would have a hard time finding a DVR that out performs this DVR especially for the cost.

Digital IDView 

This DVR has the capability of using analog, HD TVI or IP cameras.  You can stream these feeds from your smart phone or PC.  The image quality of these cameras can be quite an improvement from standard analog camera systems.

Storm by Inaxsys

Storm by Inaxsys is a complete solution for hybrid recording needs.  Whether you have standard analog cameras, HD TVI cameras or IP cameras, these recorders can handle everything you need.

Dahua Security

Dahua Security products can meet a multitude of your security needs.  Whether you have standard analog cameras, HD TVI cameras or IP cameras, these recorders can handle everything you need.

I3DVR Systems

I3DVR International is a PC based DVR system that has unlimited capabilities.  This DVR is used in many retail establishments because of it's ability to capture the register data and create a database that integrates with the video surveillance.

Diginet Video Systems

Diginet Video Recorders are also PC based DVRs.  The software is very similar to the I3DVR however this unit does not have the text insertion feature.  

Nuvico Video Systems

Nuvico DVRs are embedded DVRs  that also have exceptional performance.  They are a networkable DVR that allows for remote viewing with your PC without the need of a static IP address.

Image Vault Systems

Image Vault DVRs are also PC based recorders, however they have strictly locked down the windows side of the DVR.  They have different versions that can record at various frame rates.

Speco Technologies

Speco Technologies were some of the first DVRs on the market to offer DDNS service to allow you remote viewing without having to pay for a static IP address through your internet provider.

Rapideye Systems

Rapideye is a video recorder manufactured by Honeywell.  It is an embedded DVR that also has remote viewing capabilities.  Honeywell is one of the world's largest security manufacturers.

Everfocus Video Systems

Everfocus has been around a long time and has built DVRs that perform well.  They have been some of the more cost effective DVRs on the market.

*All documents, manuals and software are intended for the use of S&S Security Alarms, Inc. customers.  If you have purchased your equipment from any other company please contact them or the manufacturer for any questions.  


​​Hikvision is a world leading IoT solution provider with video as its core competency. Featuring an extensive and highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets.



Click on the camera system that looks like yours to get to the available support files.

Interlogix/TruVision Systems

TruVision DVRs have been so reliable for our customers over the years.  They have so many options to meet almost any need you could think of.  They have remote viewing capabilities and so much more!

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