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Cellular communicators are the latest technology to defend your home and business against break-ins as well as provide you with convenient access to your alarm system through your smart phone.  Cellular communicators utilize the existing cellular network infrastructure to get your alarm signals to the monitoring center to allow for our unmatched quality alarm response.  


One of the problems with standard POTS line communication is its vunerablility to tampering.  Whether someone tampers with your phone line or even if there is an outage, the cellular communicator is there to continue your alarm coverage.  It will also work as a primary and sole communicator on a panel.  A lot of people have taken full advantage of cell phones and have abandoned their home phone lines all together or would like to do so.  In most cases, going to a cell communicator as the sole device saves our customers a considerable amount of money each month.  This is also a great option if you are utilizing VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) phones via your cable company or any other type of home phone systems.


Another, and possibly the best, advantage to using a cell communicator would be the mobile possibilities it gives you.  With the correct panel and smart phone app, you can control your alarm system from virtually anywhere!  This would include arming, disarming, bypassing zones, changing codes, and much more!  So many people forget to arm their alarm system when they leave.  With this feature, that's no problem.  Just arm it from your phone and your house will be protected.

This could also give you access to multiple home automation options.  Through your cell unit and with the proper equipment you could control your thermostat, lights, door locks, coffee maker, and much more.  You can even automate these devices based on certain commands.  By simply disarming your system from your phone, you can unlock your doors, turn on the lights, and adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature all with one click of a button.  


Call us today to for more information or to setup an appointment to get your cellular communicator installed.  You'll be glad that you did! 501-305-2527.


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