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Kantech Access Control

The Kantech Access Control System is one of the most advanced access control systems on the market today.  It can incorporate video and intrusion.  It specializes in multi-site, cloud-based, hosted access solutions.  You can control all of your facilities from one web or mobile app.  This is the Cadillac of access control systems.

TruPortal Access Control

The TruPortal Access Control System features one of the most advanced and user-friendly technologies on the market today.  One of the only systems to offer advanced access control with a smart phone and tablet app.  This system is perfect for anyone wanting advanced access control on the go!

NStar Access Control

The NStar Access Control System is an advanced intelligent access control system that gives you complete control of every code, prox card or keyfob on your system.  You can set schedules and times that you want to give specific people access to your facilities.

NetAXS Access Control

The NetAXS Access Control System is the big brother of the NStar system.  This accomplishes the same features but is web-based for ease of programming and setup.  This works over the network to give you the ultimate control.

IEI Access Keypads

We generally use these IEI access keypads on stand-alone access control systems.  They are extremely versatile and give you many options for manual programming of codes and schedules.

Marks USA Locks

We typically use these locks when a standard magnetic lock on the top of the door frame and access keypad are not feasible.  These locks are known for being secure and very economical.


Click on the access control systems you have for the support documents.

*All documents, manuals and software are intended for the use of S&S Security Alarms, Inc. customers.  If you have purchased your equipment from any other company please contact them or the manufacturer for any questions.  

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