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Personal​ Emergency Response Systems

PERS units offer the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones are able to get the help that they need when they need it.  With the simple-to-use, one-button pendant that they wear, they have access to our monitoring station 24/7. 

Our PERS systems are monitored with a two-way voice monitoring system.  This means that they talk to you and you talk back to them over the built-in microphone and speaker system.  This enables us to analyze the situation and contact the proper help according to your specifications. 

This system gives independence with the security that everyone wants.  One of the hardest decision that any family has to make is when is it time for their loved ones to not live by themselves anymore.  Not only is it hard for the family to decide this, it's hard for the loved ones to accept as well.  This PERS unit allows you to add a step to this process that will still allow them to maintain their freedom and still give your family the peace of mind in knowing that if they need help, it's a button push away.

Our new PERS units have built in GPS that will allow your loved ones the freedom to go anywhere they want to go and still have the same great protection.  With a cellular communication path and GPS technology, our state of the art monitoring station can locate your loved one and get the proper help to them in a matter of seconds.



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